Sunday, January 15, 2006

Visited the SNOW!!!

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park

We had a great time! SNOW SNOW SNOW!! Over a foot of snow, at lower elevations it was wetter, the better to make snowballs out of, but nevertheless, it was fun, the snowballs would pack and I got him a few times! I was so much fun. I wanted to make snow angels, but where the snow was dryer it was too deep and where it was the right depth, it was too wet. I would have been soaked! (not worth getting sick over!)

We had to rent chains for the tires in order to enter the park. About 10 miles in, we had to put them on the car. The roads are windy and narrow. They did get pretty slick in some places and of course, it freaked me out a little, but not him. He loved driving in it, he loved being in it, God, he misses the cold and snow so much.

He was "dreaming" about living in the absolute snowiest place he could think of - places like Buffalo, NY or anywhere around the Lakes. I suggested Green Bay or Fargo or even somewhere in Montana. God, can you believe it! I can just see us, old and gray and snowed in for months!! Hope he gets a kidney transplant and doesn't have to go to the doctor that often. We won't be out and about too much.

Anyway, we drove up the mountains as far as they would allow - went to a lodge, ate a wonderful lunch and gazed outside at the winter wonderland. The trees looked so happy! I don't know if that will make sense or not, but I could just feel it. The aura in the snow or something. I don't know.

We had alot of fun and boy was I ever glad to have my UGGs! My feet stayed nice and dry and warm and with no socks on, they are amazing boots.

I forgot my camera, so I bought a cheapie on the way. I'll drop it at Rite Aid or Walgreens for developing and get them posted. I hope they turned out.

The best part to me was that we drove up into it, played for a few hours, drove around in it, and then drove back down to the valley, where it was nice and sunny and warm. :) I love the mountains and I love the weather, but I'll embrace the valley's weather while I'm here. It's a much needed break from bitter cold and nasty weather back in Ohio.

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