Monday, January 16, 2006

First Full Day

Heavenly Thoughts

Today I was on my own at work. I spent half of my first day just cleaning my office. It was ok to get in there and scrub the whole place down. Everyone has a kind of small office and mine is no different. Mine has a window, which not everyone has that! It has nice office furniture, a good computer, and a comfortable chair. So, I've got a comfortable place to work. Now, I just have to learn what they want me to do. Hoping for NON-BOREDOM!!

Today was Martin Luther King Day. I didn't have the day off, but I do remember Martin Luther King and the racial struggles of my childhood. I feel like it's a better place to live overall and that more people get along better than before. There are more equal opportunities and things have progresses. I think that Cincinnati is still struggling with their racial identity and that's the only part of living there that I don't miss. I wish that Cincinnati would be able to get it together. I hope that one day they will. I would love to work and live there again.

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