Wednesday, January 11, 2006

my interview

Lion Raisins
My interview went well yesterday. Thank God!! I took a test and missed one question. And the big thing about the question I missed, it was probably one of the easiest ones. But I was proud that I got almost everything right and especially the ones that they considered to be hard. I had the opportunity to talk with the HR Manager. He was great! He explained so much about the company, agriculture industry, the raisin processes in the plant and their market share.

Lion Raisins are one of the industry leaders providing product to major cereal companies and other food manufacturers. They are in a growth mode, as all companies are, I think.

The position is a direct report to the VP of Sales and Marketing. This could be right up my alley. I've got plenty of experience in sales and marketing without actually being a Sales Exec or Marketing Manager. I'm sure if I get the position, I will learn alot about both manufacturing (which is my secret desire) and Sales/Marketing that can benefit me no matter what. There are some projects that would be assigned which require research, which I am good at research. Perhaps this job will bring me back into the detail and help me hone my skills.

I go back this afternoon for my 2nd interview. I hope to do well during that interview and make it to the next to meet the VP. Again, there is a hope that I will click with him so that the relationship will overcome any of his apprehensions. I'll keep you posted!!

In the meantime, I am going to Fresno this morning to a Career Fair. I'm not sure the types of companies and jobs that will be presented at the Career Fair, but I'm prepared with lots of resumes and a BIG SMILE!! I'll just work the room and see if I can end up with official interviews with good companies.

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