Saturday, January 21, 2006

VERY eventful week!

Heavenly Thoughts:

Catch my breath!! What a week it's been. I thought that I would just go to work, work and go home and deal with the "mundane" and under pay. And it's true, that's how part of my week was. I did go to work, I worked steadily, not overly crazy as I have in the past, but just slow and steady. I read alot, organized, cleaned and everything.

At the end of the week, I created a status report to give to my boss. I did get a nice response back, I think he appreciated it. And when I saw a compilation of everything that I got done, you'd be surprised to see it after only one week and with NO training and very little help!! I even got an assistant this week to help me on the trial work. Pretty cool.

But in the middle of our week, we got a bombshell dropped on us. We are being transferred to North Island, San Diego, CA and have to move in a month!! (actually at first I thought it was the end of Feb, I'd have 6 weeks to work and get everything ready for the next "real" assistant to take over, but then I found out 2 days later that it's really only a month) Now look at the impact this is going to have on everything!! I panicked for a minute, but then after I got over the initial shock - which honestly took a couple of hours, I started to think straight and not worry too much.

So, in my normal "positive outlook - look on the bright side of life thing" and project management style I started making my list and getting my attitude right so I could work on this. Let's see, need to give 30-day notice on our apartment and the lease is up 2/19, so we gotta find a place to live and know the exact date to move in. He has to work up to 2/17 and is supposed to report 2/20 in North Island, but has leave so he can take a few days to work on the move as long as we know the dates. He decided that we will live in Oceanside, it's about 40 mi or so from his base and about 85 mi to LA in case I have to work that far. (hope not, hope I can find something in Irvine)

After we find a place and give our notice then we have to know how we're getting everything to Oceanside. Gotta price a truck and get help moving - do we hire a company to move us? Do we hire guys to help load everything? Do we just try to do it ourselves - NO - we can't carry the big screen TV, furniture and everything out by ourselves. So, we have to have help of some kind.

Then there's the actual packing, we need to get that started. We'll start packing up stuff we don't need - like summer stuff, books, cd's, movies, files, etc. Just keep out the stuff that we are actually going to be using. So, we need boxes, tape, markers, packing, and so on.

Then there's the job hunt AGAIN! In order to be considered, I need to have an address down there. They always say they only want LOCAL CANDIDATES. So I have to be local to apply. Not too bad.

So once I did that, it seemed that everything stemmed off the initial FIND AN APARTMENT. Thank God for the Internet - we use it for so much these days and moving to Oceanside will be no exception. Started our apartment search, found a couple of places. Narrowed it down and finally ended up making a decision by Friday afternoon - Shadow Way Apartments,, they are owned by the same company that owns the complex where we live. And the old complex manager from here that he knows, works in Oceanside at this property now! So she remembered him and he remembered her and it worked out great! We're already accepted, we trust that the property is really nice and well maintained just like here and we're moving in the right weekend!! 2/17 or 2/18!!

So, I know the address and everything and I can start getting phone numbers and utilities, cable everything turned on so it's ready when we move in. That will be great!! I might be out of touch for internet usage for a couple of days, but it won't be long. I'll be really busy anyway.

And as luck would have it, I happened to get to speak to a really excited and positive recruiter yesterday on the phone. She was searching for someone to do a 6 month gig for Yahoo in the Bay Area. I'm your girl!! I hope. If not, then she's going to keep looking for things for me. And that can never hurt to have a recruiter looking out for you. Plus I have 2 other recruiters that I know, so I should be in good shape. I HOPE!! I might need help, but I'll find something right away. I already know that San Diego doesn't pay as much as Irvine. Both are about an hr from home, so I pick Irvine!!

So, now about the current job - I really like it, I am learning alot about the law, but it's not for me for the long-term. I got stuff dumped on me yesterday without my knowing it. I've got a difficult situation there that I am having to be the "worker" and not the "manager" and I'm handling it, but probably not too good. It's been too long for me of being a manager to be just the worker. So, it probably wasn't going to last long-term anyway.

Well, we're getting ready to go pick up boxes and start the "organization and packing of stuff". I am kind of excited. Oceanside is beautiful, the ocean is right there - we'll be 10-15 min from the beach, depending on traffic. The weather is wonderful, it's very green there, lots of restaurants and shopping, it's a real city with real things to do. But, there's traffic and higher costs, so I am sure I'll be bitching about that before too long!! hehe! (at least I can laugh at myself!!)

Have a good day! We're also going to see Underworld 2 this afternoon - can't wait for that. See ya!

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