Saturday, September 10, 2005

moving early

well, it looks like I’m at the point where I’m making decisions based on my heart and not on the common sense facts. what I mean here is I’m actually thinking of leaving my house empty and moving to California, find a job, almost any job, as long as I can maintain paying for my house from there until I sell it.

I’m not sure how smart that is, but I do know that I can’t keep this up. I am missing my man so much and now my daughter will be there and I’ll be missing her. I just think that it’s going to get to me. But I have a lot to think about – an empty house isn’t so easy to take care of, something could go wrong. The pipes could freeze with no heat on, critters could get inside and that could present a problem, something could start leaking and I wouldn’t even know about it. I could have my oldest daughter and best friend take turns coming over and checking on things. It just would suck to have to keep paying for my house for a long time from California. I wonder if there isn’t another alternative.

If you have any ideas, please help me. I either need a really good job to go to in California or I need someone that is interested in short term renting to live here until the house sells. Someone that will take care of it just like I do. hmm. That will be hard to find.

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