Friday, April 01, 2005

You Decide....

the damage done to my son's girlfriend's car by my former associate. You be the judge!! Posted by Hello
This is what her car looks like. Damage to the front fender, the bumper is pushed up against the fender and as you can see, since it happened Mid-December, it's already starting to rust.

Now, she's avoiding the insurance company...what kind of behavior is that?? Does she really think that she's not going to have to pay the $500-$700? Does she think the insurance company is going to say, "it's okay, since you ignored the situation, we'll just let it slide...." HA!

So don't you think she should pay to fix the damn car????? Wouldn't it behoove her to save face??? to do the right thing??? Does she even understand the morals and ethics and integrity of her behavior???? It's UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Why not have your son's girlfriend's insurance agent contact your ex?-friend's insurance agent to open a claim? You are a witness. Isn't that why we pay huge premiums to our agents? -- many of which are doing pretty darn good for themselves from the looks of things. It's an agent's job to work for his/her clients.

Concerning the integrity issue, it's all about being responsible. She will have to pay, one way or another -- it will cost the same, give or take a few bucks and depending on the size of her deductible.

What's that commercial....?

Cost of accident -- $700
Cost of increased insurance -- $15/month
Cost of friendship -- priceless