Saturday, April 16, 2005

Overcoming being sick


It's been a heck of a week. Been sick, coughing like crazy. Not sure what's the matter, to tell the truth. Until Thursday, I could take it any more, so I went to the doctor. I NEVER GO TO MY PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. In fact, he said I never go to him :) First of all, he took the place of my long-time doctor. He's really nice, though, I enjoyed meeting him and I thought he was very thorough. He made sure to ask alot of questions about my medical history, etc. and to spend some time with me. So I liked that. Then he listened to my congestion and told me that I had 'walking pneumonia'! Wonderful - now 3 days into my Z-pack and taking Mucinex in the daytime and some vicatin cough syrup at night, I"m at least taking some rest :) THANK GOD! I had not had a good nights sleep in 4 nights before this.

So, obviously, I didn't stay at work the entire day. But I did go in. I had some meetings and I was part of a panel discussion on web metrics. That was great! I felt better just doing something positive for my career. Then afterwards, I took my doc's advice, came home and lounged on my deck in the sun, feeling the sun's healing rays.

But the best part is that it's the weekend, I'm feeling a little better this morning.

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