Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Feeling Better

taking control of my future

I have an opportunity to open a bar/restaurant. Or at least, I'm checking into an opportunity. If I could open a bar I would love it!! I have always loved the industry. I know that there are pitfalls and I know that my training takes me to a different level, but my love - running a bar, being at the bar, hanging with my regular customers. It's the people interaction, I absolutely love it. And I suppose it's why I love what I am currently doing - it's all about the customers/clients, the interaction, the planning, the meetings, the help I can give them. It's also why I don't like some of the things that my manager asks me to do - it seems like busy work, like a waste of time, like an admin should be handling these tasks - Not a department manager. YIKES!

So for those reasons, I am actively learning about the bar business. I have recruited a team, a bar manager, bartenders, wait staff, kitchen staff is the last to talk to. I am really excited because for the first time in years, I feel that I am taking control of my future, planning a future business for my kids and the location of the first place is definitely a great location, in an area that will be up and coming due to urban sprawl, but is currently serviced by industry in the area.

I will have more to say as I get into it. I currently have 2 mentors that are willing to help me understand the responsibilities, the pitfalls, the watch-outs and hopefully will encourage me to move forward. Not sure where I will get the money, but I never let that stop me before!!

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