Monday, May 02, 2005

another successful week

2 months and going strong

Funny how life is. One day things are going in one direction and then suddenly, the road turns or forks and changes direction. That's exactly what happened and now 2 months down this road, it's a good road. We are getting along better than ever, working towards a common goal, deciding to build a life together, go off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Don't know if it will happen that way, but one can sure have hope.

In the meantime, everything else is moving right along. I worked in my garden yesterday. The weather was wonderful. I planted some tomatoes and peppers, some flowers in a new bed that I have prepared in the back yard, and weeded all the front gardens. It was a 4 hours undertaking and definintely was fantastic to be out in the garden working again.

I have to wait a couple more weeks, but I'm going to plant the cucumbers, green beans and hot peppers. Then I am considering some broccili again this year, that was so good. Maybe a zuchini and okra plant as well. I definintely have room for at least one of each of those and a couple broccili's. I love to garden, so I am in my hey-day!!

Also, am planning a RED HOT SUMMER PARTY on June 18th! The party has alot to celebrate - my youngest's high school graduation, my parent liberation, my friend's 40th surprise party, Guitarman and I reuniting, and by then, who knows what else will need to be celebrated :) !!!! The party will be alot of fun and I'll post pictures. I encourage those who attend to bring a tent and sleeping bag. Plus, all drinks and foods will be "red" for the summer. I've been looking forward to this since Feb.

You know, I love the way things are coming back together since I've been dating Guitarman. I mean, I've been practicing my guitar almost every day, I've been working smarter not harder to have more time to spend with him, I have given up working on the weekends after 4 years of doing it all the time!! and I am happier than I've been in YEARS!! I didn't realize how much I compromised before, and I guess you don't realize until it's done and you start to see the transformation. I put up with too much stuff and didn't have to.

Well, gotta go, have a meeting.

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