Saturday, September 30, 2006

It's a beautiful weekend in San Diego, CA

It just keeps blowing me away that I live in California. I mean, I drive around every day and am amazed at the scenary - mountains, sunshine, beaches, mexicans everywhere (well, it's true - they are everywhere) - I do love it!! I have always wanted to live in California, so now I have my chance.

I know that one of these days we'll leave to go to Arizona - my choice - Phoenix area, so I can get a job, although, I prefer Tucson....I love it! But I just love the southwest and I guess I couldn't get more southwest than San Diego!! At least not without being in Mexico.

Today, I just needed to "run down the street", it's such a hassle to go anywhere....over an hour to just "run down the street" - had to get gas, had to buy parts for his truck - but there is traffic everywhere. There is never a time when it's ok to drive around without a shit load of traffic - well, maybe at 3 or 4 am!!

Anyway, now I'm home, hanging out, drinking a peach schnapps with vodka & OJ. Relaxing on the patio, in the beauty of the day. Not a cloud in the sky, nice and sunny, nice and nice..........Afterall it's the MOST LIVEABLE CITY!! And it's called that for a reason - and it's NOT because of the ease of getting somewhere or thru traffic, it's because the people here are nice, the weather is outstanding and then there's the beach - what can I say about the beach! It's so fantastic........beach, clean water (and compared to the Atlantic Ocean, it doesn't have that "fishy" smell!!) and great sand.

Then there's my love.......he's fantastic....he lets me throw my little hissy fits and is ok with it, but then I'm ok with his too ! We are both so spoiled by each other. And it's been a year since he arrived in Cincinnati to take me away with him - to physically rescue me from my boring, almost ready to die it's so boring, life.

You know, I had a great life in Cincinnati. I had my DREAM JOB, my own house (well, me and Wells Fargo bank), I made pretty much money, was debt free (minus the car and house payments), actually had money saved in the bank, appeared to have it all. I did have lots and lots of friends, it's a good thing, because I think they really helped me from being too depressed. Because under it all, I was kind of depressed, I was lonely - I had a terrible sex life - whoops, what I meant to say was NO sex life - I drank too much, I didn't do anything but go to work, hang with my friends at the bar. It was not the best thing to be doing.

But then, when he called me - it all changed and now a year after I moved here - it's still great, it's still exciting, we're still madly and totally in love, and we hope to be married soon. I hope to live in San Diego or a while longer, get Beka through college and then leave. But if it works out differently, we'll roll with the punches.

in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my life, the happiness that I have and the love of the most important man in my life.
"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."
- Robert Frost