Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday work

Heavenly Thoughts

It's Friday and I'm glad. It's been a short work week, but the work has been long. I am involved in so many things at work right now that sometimes it seems like too much.

And my neck is still hurting, so that is making it hard for me to workout. I haven't really been able to go, having a hard time moving my head more than about 60 degrees to the left. Then everytime I try to move it, all I hear are snap, crackle, pop. Been going to the chiropractor, it's helped pretty much until today. I woke up and everything seems to be back where it was originally. That's a bummer.

Bought gas today, $2.79/gal. I hope it keeps going down. I could use a little break in my budget. Still trying to get out of debt, paying on credit cards like crazy. One problem, everytime I get it paid down so it's starting to look manageable, something happens and I have to add back to it. It's frustrating, that's for sure. I would like to get them paid and not add to it. I guess that won't happen until I get to the very end, where I only owe the current charges. I can't wait until that happens!

Well, today is dialysis so I'll be taking my stuff over there with him and getting some of it done there. I would have liked to have more done today, but then that's my montra every day. I would like to be more productive. I guess everyone thinks that.

Well, have a great weekend! We're going to see James Gang, Joe Walsh and band, tomorrow night. We've had these tickets for a while. Then on Wednesday, we're going to see Bonnie Raitt. Both will be great concerts. PLUS we bought tickets to see Bob Dylan today - that will be really GOOD!! I got good seats too!

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