Monday, September 11, 2006

Is anyone out there????

Heavenly Thoughts

I don't think so, not any more. It's ok, I am basically using this blog as a form of self-communication - a journal as it were. But it would be good to know that someone reads it. I don't think so.

I guess that means I can say anything I want and have no fear of insulting anyone, not that I would insult anyone, but just in case. I can be pretty conservative....

Well, it's Sept 11th, pretty freaky day. 5 years since that fateful day that changed America. The loss of innocence. You know, it's like that song "the day the music died" - a total loss of innocence. Well, to all of those families that were affected on a personal level, my prayers and thoughts go out to you. For the rest of us, that were affected, we need to be strong for the rest. Our country is worth it...

One thing that everyone can do to help is to go out and VOTE every election, every time, for every thing. vote people into office that will help protect us, believe in this country.

AND SUPPORT THE MILITARY!! I'm going to help work on a Christmas list for mlitary families this Christmas - help support them, help cover their needs while their spouses are out protecting our freedoms!!

and the last thing I have to say today is gas is $1.99 per gallon in Cincinnati, Ohio and I am sooooooo jeaous! It's $2.79 in San Diego and a few places it's actually $2.74. And we're happy about it!

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