Friday, September 29, 2006

Heavenly Thoughts

Heavenly Thoughts

well I didn't realize it's been so long since my last entry. And as always seems that so much has happened but then again, like nothing special has happened at all.

I went to see Sheryl Crow with John Mayer. The show was really good. I don't care too much fro John Mayer, so I could care less, but the Shweyrl Crow show was GREAT! She was full of energy, life, enthusiasm and I was impressed. I had heard that the show in Cincinnati wasn't that great - more like a 'personality' contest and that she was too tired to give a good performance. I'm glad that it changed since that show and was much better in San Diego. Maybe because it's close to home for her, I don't know.

What else? Work is work, so nothing new there. Learning to be satisfied with what I have and my responsibilities and not worry about taking car eof more than I can handle. Or taking on more responsibility.

on a personal level, my honey is doing pretty good. he gets a little agitated from time to time and very fatigued due to the dialysis, but overall, he's alright.

The fam is good. all is well. Have a good weekend.

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