Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Feeling Better

Well, the PITY PARTY is over! Or at least I think so!!

I have been feeling sorry for myself. Missing my kids and friends, missed one of my friend's wedding this past weekend, worried about paying off credit cards, wishing we could afford a house here and I would like to lose some weight.

But then I came to my senses: I have the man of my dreams, we live in So Cali, the weather is beautiful, Beka is going to college, we are very happy, I have a decent job, we have enough money to pay all the bills and pay aggressively on the credit cards, I drive a corvette and we do everything together!!

So, enough!!

I could have it as bad as many of my friends: problems with their houses, problems with their children, issues with their jobs, problems with their relationships and spouses. I don't have any problems like that. Thank GOD!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heaven! Yes, it is good to be grateful. I think gratefulness is the beginning of peace in our hearts.
I don't read your blog a lot (I am busy!), but I check on it sometimes. I'm out here!
I used to have a blog but I got too busy. When I can commit to it, I will start another one. For now, I am "anonymous." (That's how I have to sign in so I can post a comment.) Enjoy your weather! :)