Sunday, December 11, 2005

Planning a trip to Cincinnati

This is my week to go home and visit my family and friends! I won't have a long time there, about 5 nights, so I have to cram alot into each day. It will be good to see everyone. We're going to celebrate my 2 youngest kids' birthdays - Jake 21 and Beka 19 - then celebrate Christmas a little early this year. I have some of my bags already packed, one huge suitcase full of Christmas presents, one medium sized suitcase full of Beka's stuff and a small suitcase of clothes for me plus a shopping bag with cookies and more presents!! Wow! I FEEL LIKE SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going out to sushi dinner with friends, will celebrate my best friend's birthday, then I'm going to a Christmas party, Krohn Conservatory with a friend, watch the Bengals game, go to a business meeting, check on my house, do a little shopping, try to land a winter coat for cheap to wear to Alaska, hang out with my kids, open presents and not sleep a bit! I'll save the sleeping for the flight home!! I will miss my honey, there is no doubt. I am already feeling the pangs of being away from him for 5 days. Funny, how things I live here and am visiting my home in Cincinnati. And to be honest, I miss the people there, I miss my job and stuff - but again it's all about the people, but I don't miss Cincinnati. I LOVE living here because he's so great to me.

You know, he does so many nice things for me. He does EVERYTHING nice for me! He is my everything! I wish the kids were able to come here to see me and him in our own environment. I wish they could see how wonderful he is to me every day. They would be so happy to see him in action. You know, our love has stood the test of time and we weren't even together! I'm so happy that this is how things worked out. There were many years of sadness, loneliness and bullshit but now, it's "normal". Or at least "normal" to me. It's a life of love and companionship and great intimacy and fun. Just a life of love, like it would have been if we had just stayed together. It's as if none of the other bullshit has happened. :-)

Well, I hope to see you next week! If I don't get to, I hope you understand. I have such a full schedule, it will just be hard to squeeze anything else in!!

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