Monday, December 19, 2005

Flying home

Funny, home used to be where I am coming from and now I'm leaving to go to California, which is now home. I'm gonna miss my kids so much. It was great to see them. I woke them up this morning before I left to tell them I love them and already miss them!

I pray for them to be safe and sound. I hope they all keep jobs and have money to live on because I can't help them. No job no money!

The good thing is they are all 3 together. They will take care of each other. That comforts me. I taught them to look after each other and that family is number 1. They will be good to each other. Thanks kids. You're the greatest kids on earth!

So now I'm going home to my sweetheart. He loves me so much and I love him. Its fantastic to be with him. He treats me so good! We'll celebrate Christmas together, our first one in 30 years!! I don't think we ever have presents to each other way back then! But this year it is different. We'll take care of each other and give presents to show our love to each other.

We're getting ready to take presents to his kids for Christmas. It will be wonderful going to Alaska. We're baking cookies for them just like we did for mine. We're going to take them out and about and just have a nice time. 2 days then come home to relax.

Home is where the heart is so first time in my life I have MANY homes because my heart resides cost-to-coast!!!
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