Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flying today

My reassigned flights have been great! No problems at all. Got on my flight to SLC with my cookies! I have 3 big containers full of cookies, brownies and treats. Plus I have a muffin for me to eat, mags to read and the Christmas cards to hand out. And presents too! I feel like Santa Claus! Ho ho ho!!!

I met a nice woman on the flight. She lives in Merced, CA and was heading to Billings, MT. We talked about the Central Valley and SO CA, the FOG, Cars, jobs, our kids, the weather, elderly parents, vacations, and the holidays. We definitely bonded! Funny how people meet and just are comfortable with a stranger. It happens to me ALL the time.

Then the wait at SLC airport was quick. Now I'm on my Cinti flight. I love flying in and out of Salt Lake. The mountains are amazing! My flight is empty. Practically. I have a 3 seat row to myself. Yippee! I'm gonna stretch out, sleep, and try to watch the movie.

Can't wait to see everyone. I haven't seen them since October 3rd! I do miss them. But its a healthy missing them. Not neurotic, you know, like obsessing over missing them. Its good to let them grow up and miss them. They should have their own lives just as I should too.

Well I'm here! Merry Christmas! Let the celebrations begin!
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