Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy Trails

Although I don't feel the snowy effects of winter as much as other parts of the country, I have learned of a new phenomenon first hand. FOG and I mean FOG as thick as PEA SOUP!! My friend, Joe, says it's called TULLEY FOG. I don't know why the heck it's named that, but he used to live in Sacramento and seems to know.

Anyway, the fog has an affect - like ZERO visibility on the ground. It rolls in from San Francisco Bay and gets stuck here in the San Jacquin Valley. It just lies here on the ground all day and all night. It is so dense that you can't even see the front of your car early in the morning. It seems to lighten up some during the day - but it hasn't totally gone away. It just "hangs" above the ground and when you are driving past the farms you can see it hovering the earth. Wierd!!

Today, it affected my travel back to Cincinnati. I had a 6:25am flight out of Fresno that was cancelled due to fog! So, instead of arriving at 3:30pm, hoping to beat any bad weather in Cincinnati, I'm arriving at 10 pm in the midst of a "wintry mix". Now for those of us from Cincinnati, we know what that means - it means snow, rain, freezing rain, below 32 degrees, icey roads, crappy weather!! Brrrrrrrrrr!

I know I'll get there and I'll have a great time once I'm there. I pray my bags get there at the same time as I do! And I pray that my planes arrive safely. And that all my driving back in town is safe driving.

So, now here's another glitch - Jake is coming into Cincinnati from the Nederlands tonight as well. However, he failed to provide any flight information, the time he thinks he's arriving doesn't match any flight schedule into Cincinnati and we now THINK he has another ride. :) It's gonna be a fun and interesting day!!

Happy you..........

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