Saturday, December 17, 2005


The visit is going great! I did not get to see as many people as I would like, but I am doing the most important thing - spending as much time as possible with my kids and family. We've had some BIG fun, lots of laughter, lots of serious fun. I have been cracking up with these guys. They are a trip.

It's great because we are all together. Eating together, seeing each other every day, staying at my oldest daughter's house. It's very satisfying seeing everyone interact. The only thing that could make the visit even better would have been that my honey could've been here with me. That would've made it a complete family Christmas!!

On my way in on the flight, I watch Polar Express. Of course, like all holiday films it was very sentimental, a story about an unbelieving boy, takes a trip on the Polar Express, experiences several events that change his mind and he becomes a believer. It was a very nice story. And I always cry at sentimental movies - this one was no different because the holidays are always a time for family and loved ones. A time to come together and share the spirit of Christmas - the love that Jesus had for us expressed to each other the best we know how. So, already on the plane, I was anxious to see the kids, to share the love.

And I would say that this trip was very successful at that!

We opened presents last night and boy, were they surprised! I didn't have much money to spend, since I'm still spending on the house. I only gave them a few gifts, all with a dollar spending limit on each person. Plus, I had to give birthday and Christmas presents to Jake & Beka. :) But, my honey came through and saved the day. He's a wonderful man!! Loves us very much!!

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