Thursday, December 22, 2005

Made it home safely

And preparing for Christmas and another trip!!

Thanks for the photos, Joe! I appreciate it sooo much!! Hey, everyone listen to Joe's radio show. I think he's only got a couple more to go then he's "retiring". So young to be retiring. I think that Clear Channel should hire you, pay you and give you a paid radio slot!!

My trip ended up being a very nice one. Planes on time, not too crowded, empty seats, in fact!! My presents made it home safely, afterall they were all glass and I packed them so carefully...My kids were great to me to give me such nice presents. We made Appletini's last night and used the special glasses (beautiful crystal with cobalt blue accents!) and the bar set with sugars, mixers and shaker. I loved it and he had never had an Appletini before. He didn't realize how strong they are, but also how good!! YUMMY!!

When I got home on Monday, I could tell how much he missed me! He had chinese food waiting for me, hugged and kissed me tighter and better than ever!! We had a great evening, talked and was really glad to see each other. I loved seeing my kids and spending time with them...and I loved coming home too. It's a mixed bag, living so far away.

I got a Christmas gift from my realtor --- AN ACCEPTED OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!!! Now it's just a matter of the inspection and any repairs requested. I PRAY IT WILL GO SMOOTHLY. If it does, we have a closing on Jan 26th. That would be GREAT!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

Other BIG news: Planned the wedding! May 20th in Cincinnati. We'll have a small wedding and then a BIG bash afterwards!! I hope the wedding will be at the Gazebo in Eden Park by Mirror Lake. I always wanted to marry him there as a teen and now I have the opportunity! It would be beautiful. Then we are thinking of having the reception at Bechtold Park in Deer Park. We wanted to have it at my best friend's house, but realize it might rain, so we don't want to have a spoiled party due to weather. I still have lots of details to work out, but I will keep you posted.

I'm thinking a hippie theme for the wedding, flowers in my hair, flowing skirt, sexy top, he can wear jeans...very casual. But then, it could be a Luau theme, very casual, lots of fun, already have the decor - serve hawaiian foods and drinks. But you know me, I'll go round and round for a while until I am sure of what will be PERFECT!!!

Definitely having a DJ - not sure if it will be my cousin or my good friend. I
don't care which it is, it will be nice to dance, sing and even maybe karaoke!! That would be lots of fun. Oh well, there's time to work out the details and get invites out!! Hope you can make it.

We're going to Anchorage for a few days right after Christmas. I'm really excited, I've never been to Alaska!! I'll take lots of pictures and put them in my Flickr account. Going to meet my new sons!! yippee!! Hey, do you like my Flickr badge? It's cool, isn't it? I'm still updating the pictures - names and captions - but it's cool to have it posted. My blog is really turning into my personal website. I love it!!

I'm off to buy Christmas Dinner food, planning our cookie baking day, have 11 days off with my sweetheart! and am looking forward to the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year EVER!!


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