Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Effects of Stress

is there such a thing as good or bad stress?

My job is so overwhelming at this point, that I wonder if the stress is good or bad. I mean, it's been overwhelming for over 2 years now and I keep putting up with it and trying to deal. I have trouble sleeping most nights, I get especially bitchy and my feelings are totally transparent, I complain way to much about way too little, and now I am wondering if it is having any long-term affects on my health.

I am going to see the surgeon next Tuesday. She is going to look at my mammograms, past and present, make a judgment call on the radiologists findings. I am going to talk to her about stress and how it can affect me. I could tell that when I took a vacation, I had a much more positive attitude. I was enjoying myself, resting more: relaxing and reading, cleaning out closets, organizing my stuff. Still working but only on client projects, not doing the endless stream of reports and approvals, chasing down other people to get them to do their work. Sometimes it's like a ball of string!

More on this as the time comes.

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