Sunday, January 16, 2005

nice day, relaxing and rejuvenating

hard to concentrate on work

I have worked so much this week, that I am having a touch time concentrating on more work. I have a few things that I could do and then I think that's all I'll do.

I woke up this morning and made a fantastic dinner. I had it ready when Rainman went to work. He LOVED it! He's working outside now, so in this cold weather I think it's important to have a hot meal to help stay warm. I hope he dressed appropriately and that he's going to be alright.

When he was leaving for work, my friend that was supposed to come over last night picked me up and we went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was so much fun. We talked and talked the whole 3 hrs that we were together. We both had the same thing: Stuffed Shells with Shrimp. It was delicious. We also had Long Island Ice Teas to drink and plenty of salad. It was great to be out without any kids, any interruptions, just the two of us talking about our lives. We have known each other for nearly 10 years now. Funny how we met......

...I was planning on moving to this part of time after getting my divorce. I looked at quite a few apartments and one of them was in the downstairs of a house. It was a sweet set up, walk into a big, open living room and straight back was the dining area and kitchen, more like a great room for the size. I loved it, then to the right was the laundry room at the bottom of the steps to go upstairs and outside to the back yard. Next on the left was the bathroom, which led into a humongous bedroom, very open, very welcoming. Across from the laundry room was a small bedroom, looked more like a huge closet that was renovated into a small bedroom. It was so small that a twin bed and dresser would be all that would fit into this space. The money was right, the location was great, the back yard was inviting, but the 2nd bedroom was too small. I had two kids living at home at the time - a boy and a girl and I didn't want the tiny bedroom and the big bedroom was too large for just one of us. I would have had to share it with my daughter or taken the small room and let the kids have the large one. The guy that showed the place was absolutely gorgeous and he told me that his sister lived upstairs with a new baby and she was a college student. She would share the laundry facilities with me and gladly share the backyard with the kids. Unfortunately, it just wasn't the right place for us at the time. I turned it down and found another place.

After living there for 4 months, I started my college classes and soon after I met a woman in my classes that lived in my neighborhood. Upon further getting to know her, I learned she is a stylist and for earn extra money she cut hair at home. Well, that was perfect, because as a college student, mother of two, I didn't have much money to go to a salon plus I wanted to know more people in my community. So, I went to her house for the first time shortly after meeting her to get a hair cut. I was shocked when I pulled up to the house! It was the house that I looked at with the bedroom that was too small downstairs. It was fate for us to be friends....even though I turned down the apartment, we ended up being friends anyway. Funny how life works that way.

Well, her daughter was a baby then and now she's 10!! So, we have been friends for all that time. She still cuts my hair, my kids' hair and we still hang out. It's great how that happens. We've only gone out a few times, we mostly stay home and hang out mostly at her house. But today, it was Olive Garden.

Well, the drinks were good, the food was delicious and the conversation lively. It was a great way to spend time with a friend. I highly recommend it. It's been snowing all day, so the weather's perfect to have a wonderful meal and a couple of drinks.

When I got home, my dogs had decided to dig through the garbage looking for scraps of food, which don't exist in there. They only got the wrapper off the ham to lick. Dumb dogs. After I cleaned that up, I fixed my kids some dinner and started thinking about the work that I have to do. I'm thinking about how much of it to do. I don't think that my head is around it to do very much. I have so many other things to do, including this one activity that I don't get to do too often ---- it's called RELAX. I'm weighing the benefits of relaxing over the benefit of working again today. I think I should take a little more time off and do a little work tonight. Maybe watch a movie or something. So, I'm off to see what movie that I would like to see. Maybe Along Came Polly. I'll let you know what I think of it after I watch it.

C-ya, have a good one!

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