Monday, January 17, 2005

Cooking Class

Absolutely Fabulous!!

Tonight was a cooking class at Jimmy Gherardi's The Restaurant. It was great. Now we are working on a marketing plan to help him get more traffic at this restaurant. The funny thing is that he gets sold out cooking classes and he gets sold out weekend nights with NO reservations, but during the week, the traffic into his restaurant is terrible. The food is great, absoutely delicious, the prices are reasonable for fine dining. The location is convenient, no downtown hassles, no funky parking problems, no panhandlers. The problem is that there is no traffic in his strip mall.

OK, I could use some ideas. We know the usual table tents, outside and inside easels, ads in local papers, but there has to be more. He wants to do catering, is willing to close down for large groups, has a great ambience, just need some ideas. Please email me with any ideas that you have for marketing an upscale restaurant with a well known chef.

It's great there, one of my favorite places. He's one of my favorite friends. I don't want to let him down. I appreciate any ideas that you might have. :)

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