Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ode to Beth

I know she visited me yesterday :)

My friend Beth died November 26, 2001 from cancer. The last time that I saw her was February 2001 at my house, her first trip to Ohio and her first time seeing snow!! The last time that we spoke was later that summer while Beka was visiting her. I think of her often. But yesterday, I am positive that she was in my house visiting us.

Beth was a fantastic woman! Her attitude was always positive, she always looked for the good in people, she had a servant's heart and wanted everyone to be happy, to be comfortable and to have full tummys and she could really cook! She was a true Southern Belle!

We worked together, she was the admin at a company where I worked during the Dot Com Craze. She probably drove quite a few people crazy because she was well known in our company as the lady at the front desk that sang all the time. If she was on American Idol, Simon would have some really mean thing to say to her because her singing was all that great - kind of out of tune! Ironic, because her significant other owned a recording studio and was a recording engineer/producer!

They were a great couple, had "the boys", who turned out to be two dogs: miniature dachshund and miniature rottwelier. They were two of the barkiest dogs on the planet, but Beth loved those boys so much. She would walk them, dress them up for the holidays, especially halloween!! She and Jim cooked great food and she served it on some of the most elegant place settings I have ever seen.

She ran an Ebay business in addition to working at our company. She sold all sorts of things and taught me how to become a seller. I have sold a few things, thanks to her sharing her knowledge. We both enjoyed Ebaying and sharing the stories of what sold for what!! Always a big surprise! She had a nose for antiques and lived in the most perfect place on the planet to pick up cool stuff for a good price - she lived in Florida - her whole life - which she affectionately referred to as "God's Waiting Grounds". We used to spend Saturday afternoons driving around visiting thrift shops and finding some astounding items. As I walk through my house, I am often reminded of Beth because of some of the things she has bought and others that I bought while I was with her.

When she first told me that she had cancer, she really downplayed it. She would search on the Internet for clinical studies that she might qualify for. She never told anyone how bad it was. You see, Beth didn't have health insurance because by the time that she found out, our investors pulled out and she didn't have a job. She wasn't married to Jim, so she didn't have any insurance. She saw a doctor in Gainesville who agreed to see her pro bono, the problem was she couldn't get her prescriptions or hospital care pro bono. Her drugs were very expensive and she couldn't afford them. The other problem is that she didn't communicate this to her friends, she kept it very quiet and private.

Because of that her illness got out of control and by the time it was near her "end" she had a tumor the size of a football in her side. It just makes me so sad to even write this. I love her and miss her. She was the sweetest woman around.

But she was in my house yesterday, I could smell the last meal she cooked in my house, I could picture her adding her 'secret ingredients' to mashed potatoes, I saw her wrapping the gifts that she sent and I felt her in my house. She was on my mind from the moment I woke up to when I went to bed and again this evening.

Beth, we love you! We miss you! I am sure that you are watching and are very proud to see how great the kids have turned out! How grown up Beka has become and how responsible she is. What a great job Jake is doing in college, plus his walk of faith is mind-boggling! We were so happy to share our fair city with you, some snow and lots of fun 4 years ago.

There is no one like you! You are unique and well loved. We'll see you one of these days, my friend. Luv ya!!

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