Monday, July 17, 2006

Root Canal Day 3


Well, it's day 3, i feel better than day 1 or day 2 but still not back to normal eating. Lots of soup, fruit smoothies, water, cottage cheese, pasta and plain sauce, anything that is just "put in the mouth and swallow". But today I have hope that I will be back to normal sooner or later. I made it through the whole day of work, my teeth hurting a little, but the motrin's are killing the pain and helping the most. I'm sooooooooo glad.

I pulled this picture out, was taken last summer. Before I moved to California, on my deck in Cincinnati, at my house. New umbrella for my patio furniture, my grill in the background, early in the summer! Sometimes I miss my house, but I don't miss that part of my life. I'm glad to have had it, but am glad that things have turned this way now.

I like living in So Cali, like knowing that I'm getting married, and enjoying life to it's fullest. Loved that my oldest daughter came to visit the beginning of the month. Love that it's wonderful to live here and my son will be visiting us in September.

So much fun to be had, so much fun in the sun!!

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