Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Holidays!!

Happy 4th of July!!

well, the 4th has come and gone. It was a long weekend for me, off work on Monday and Tuesday - SWEEEEET!! I loved it. I had my girls here and extra time with my honey.

We went to see Superman. I loved it!! I liked the story line - it was interesting another twist in the never ending saga of love between Lois Lane and Superman. I liked the ending - nice and open ended for another movie to be done. The actor they found to play Superman was great, I actually liked him better than Christopher Reeves (sorry to all of you Reeves fans). And I thought Kevin Spacey made an EXCELLENT Lex Luther. I had my doubts, Gene Hackman is a tough act to follow, but he pulled it off very nicely.

This weekend will be Pirates of the Carribean! Can't wait!

The girls had a wonderful weekend, beach, boating, lots of fun in the sun, nightclubbing and just general vacation mode! They went to Hollywood yesterday and had a lot of fun just hanging out - they went to a taping of "So You Think You Can Dance" that was aired last night. Today's their last full day here. Not sure what they are going to do all day, but we're heading out for seafood dinner tonight. Then it's to the airport in the morning. That will seem so sad and the house will definitely be quieter without them. There was so much fun and laughter happening this week! Wonderful memories.

Well, its Friday and I can't wait for 3pm. I'm leaving work around then. Not too much happening in the office. I'm driving the Corvette to work again today, so I'll be happy to be out and tooling around this afternoon. It's so cool driving it. People act funny around the car, especially middle aged men in their Honda's or SUVs. I don't drive it fast, I am going around 70 on the highway and they pull up next to me, look at me and the car, then zoom off! Like they can tell their friends they beat out a 'vette on the 5. Big Deal!! It's too funny.

Been working out, was at the gym this morning. I do enjoy going now and I like going early in the morning. I get in there around 5:30 or 6, do a full workout, or at least as full as my trainer has developed at this point. Come home, shower and get ready for work. I feel great, have more energy. I am probably more productive at work now too.

Have a great day and hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Maggie said...

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