Friday, October 07, 2011

Road To Recovery

June 15th I had Achilles tendon repair surgery, it included replacing one bone in my ankle. My foot/leg was casted for 6 weeks, one pink and one yellow. I had to get around on a knee roller because I could put no weight on my left foot during this entire time. We had to make all sorts of special accommodations for me so I could have a semi-normal life:
  • a chair that was a little higher and had arm rests so I could easily get up and down.
  • my hubby added something similar to the toilet, so I could have hand grips to hold on to.
  • I had a special shower seat that extended out of the bathtub so my leg could easily stay out of the water. 
  • borrowed a wheelchair which I used a couple of times.
  • had crutches which I used alot to go up and down a few steps.
  • had a walker which I barely used.
Then August 1st, I had surgery #2 - tissue manipulation of my toes, cleaned up a bunion and I went from cast to wrap. Still non-weight bearing for the next 2 months. I used the knee roller for about 15 weeks and I have to say it was a God-send. I don't know if I could have survived at work on crutches. 

Now I'm 4 weeks into walking, first 2 were on my heel. It's getting better, still really swollen and now I hang with a cane just in case I need some "support" or "confidence". 

I couldn't have made it through this whole ordeal without my husband's help. He drove me everywhere for 15 or so weeks, he lifted my knee roller in and out of the car, did the grocery shopping and cooking, washed all the laundry, ran all the errands. All I had to do was work, read, knit and concentrate on healing. Even though I didn't get to really enjoy the summer with the normal activities - I didn't have to worry about anything either. I love you honey!! Thanks! 

"...And in the end... The love you take is equal to the love you make." ---The Beatles
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