Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving and had the 5 F's - FUN - FAMILY - FRIENDS - FOOTBALL - and of course, FOOD!!

Ours was wonderful and the meal seemed to come together so easily. I was so pleased. We had turkey, stuffing, green beans, corn, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, parsnips, cheesy rolls and pumpkin pie! YUM! Everything was homemade by us and delicious. We have leftovers and plan on having them for dinner.

I've spent most of my day packing up my treasures. Today seemed like it was the day to pack just treasures. I went around and packed all the fragile items. Snicker hung with me all day, sniffing and helping me. In fact, he's laying next to me right now. He's such an integral part of our lives. I'm so happy that he's here. He's going to LOVE our new place.

Here's our new house back in Cincinnati! It's so hard to believe, it happened SO FAST! And without a hitch. Geez. I just am amazed. New house, back home, back to my job. We truly have come full circle. I'm so glad he's called me and put things back together. Less cost, less traffic, more family and friends, huge yard, nice neighborhood, close to shopping and work, more time back to us - just saving commuting time alone will buy me 10 hrs a week or 520 hours a year! It's amazing.

I know that it's going to be winter there, I know that I'm leaving the best weather in the country behind. I have to be honest, I will miss it. I will miss the beach 7 miles from my house, the mountains that I can see from everywhere I go. I like my job, so I'll miss all my co-workers. But the truth is - I don't go to the beach hardly at all, I do drive to the mountains because they are my favorite. So, I will have to just make time to go to Colorado, to the mountains and enjoy time off. The fact that I'll gain 500 hrs a year is so worthwhile. I'm not getting any younger.....I hate to give away my time and money.

Things cost so much more here. Eggs $3/dz; milk $4.50/gal; meat is expensive; fruits and vegetables are cheap. Gas is $3.40/gal. Food, clothes, furniture, etc. All cost more.

I'm coming home! We moving back by Christmas! Another adventure and to be honest - I hope it's the last one of this magnitude for a long time!!!!!! My future adventures should be known as vacations!!!

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