Thursday, November 01, 2007

some quick updates

Hi - I'm in a "bulleted list" mood. So here is my latest updates of random thoughts ;)

1. things are getting back to 'normal' in San Diego. I base this on the fact that it took me more than 35 minutes just to get onto the 805 north yesterday afterwork from my office. My office is less than 1 1/2 miles. Then after I got on the 805, it took me OVER 1 hr to get home. The total trip is 35 miles, takes me without heavy traffic about 35-40 min; total yesterday 1 hr and 45 minutes!!

2. work is good - I am appreciated at least. I got a Magellon GPS system for my car as a present yesterday! nice.

3. Hillary Clinton changes her mind in the middle of a sentence. But I have to say: IF YOU LIKE GW BUSH, YOU'LL LOVE HILLARY! God help us all!!

4. 11 illegals are in the hospital in San Diego, burned by the fires. I'm proud of our workers for sending them to the burn center, but I worry about who is going ot absorb the costs - could exceed $1.5 Million!! Oy!!

5. Drivers Licenses to Illegals............glad I don't live in NY State

6. My hubby is WONDERFUL, he made me homemade (from scratch) brownies and pumpkin/cranberry bars for my company halloween party yesterday. Everyone loved them and thanked him. I love him and thank him :)

7. Going to Cincinnati for a quick trip next week. I have some personal business to attend to, quick in and quick out!

8. Had a disturbing dream that I was a waitress again; my first day I had an entire restaurant full of tables to wait on - it was CRAZY!! Ever since I had the dream, Tamara has had too many tables at work and been busier than she normally is. Eeek!

9. We're hiring a program manager at work. That will totally help out! I will be more than happy to hand off the work!

10. My family is doing great! Jake and Michelle had their first anniversary; Beka and Jack are figuring things out and it seems to be working; Tamara is still happier than ever and Roland and I are getting closer to our wedding!!! (sorry, still no date)

11. how crazy is this??? In one week, I got 2 letters from different companies telling me that my identity was compromised by their lack of ability to protect it. What is up with that? I'm starting a company that will consult to companies to teach them not to put personal information of their customers/clients/etc. on some fools laptop who leaves it in their car in plain site at the frickin' mall. Good thing I'm on top of my stuff and have already planned ahead. Geez!

that's it for now, gotta eat this fantastic dinner that has been so lovingly prepared for me!

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