Friday, November 02, 2007

Customer Service

Do you think that you get good customer service in the restaurants, retail stores, online stores, and telephone that you expect? Have you noticed that some places are GREAT at customer service and others are just horrid to call? I think the CSRs at American Express are wonderful, polite, helpful - I've never had a complaint. Same with Starbucks and most restaurants. But some fast food places, it's tough to get good service. Maybe taxi drivers are the worst, I'm not sure.

The old adage "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT", is a thing of the past. I can understand because honestly the customer is not always right. Oftentimes the customer needs to be 'guided' through a purchase process or even a repair process. I appreciate when I learn something from a CSR.

What are your experiences? I know that some places, if you are a support person, there are lots of stories of "dumb" people that call in. Especially in the computer field. You know some of the stories: My coffee cup holder is not working - it's really their CD drive. OR I don't see an 'any' key. and so on.

But what about from the consumer point of view? Do you have any funny stories about what a service person has said to you? Some "dumb" question they asked that was obvious? Please share! I'd love to hear from you!

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