Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cincinnati Bound

All I can say is YIPPEE!! We are less than 2 weeks from closing on our house and heading out on another wonderful adventure in life. I am totally amazed at how all of this has come together. I mean, one minute, I'm spending 10-15 hrs a week commuting then next thing I know, I'm flying to Cincinnati and working a new project at Ethicon and trying to stay on top of things at my current job. I had a very challenging week, making plans for the move, staying with my friend who has no internet connection at her house, which meant I had to stop in Panera Bread on my way to and from from work every day!

It's been a crazy week, but you know what? It's totally worth it. I know that it's all changing and soon I will be a Cincinnati Girl working a Cincinnati Job and seeing my Cincinnati family and friends. I'll be home for Christmas! OMG - last year, on this date, I had my foot surgery.......what a day that was!! I have never had sooooo much pain in my life. I will never forget it. When morphine doesn't touch the pain, you know it's more pain than you can stand.

But this is a new year. 2007, Christmas, in Cincinnati with my family. I just can't believe it. We are going to be in Cincinnati. We might not have furniture, we might only have what we are bringing with us, but hey, we will be in our new house and home for the holidays.

When we get to town we need a few things: sofa, lounge chair, coffee table, end table, coffee pot, desk and office chair, a 4 drawer file cabinet and a few other items. But the living room furniture is a must. We're leaving our living room furniture here for my daughter. Plus a bunch of stuff in the kitchen. So, we are leaving a legacy here and making a new one in Cincinnati.

So, if you're in Cincinnati and you know someone that is getting new furniture for Christmas, maybe we can be the recipient of the old stuff!!

Happy Holidays! I'll see you soon!

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