Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I love weekends - and this weekend was especially nice. We went to a cookout with one of my new friends and it was quite fun! The day was fantastic - great company, wonderful people, nice, sunny and fun. We both had a blast! He was feeling his best and I was very proud to be out with him. Well, I'm always glad to be out with him, but Saturday was something special. He was on top of his game. I'd have to say that the dialysis is really working for him. He's feeling much better than I've seen him feel in a long time. I'm so glad for him.

Glad to have the baby back! She came home Saturday night and we were so excited to see her. She had only been gone for 2 1/2 weeks but it seemed like forever. She looked fantastic - a sight for sore eyes. She was smiling ear to ear and was quick with the kiss and hug! God, it was great to have to home! We talked and laughed and looked at her new tattoo - the one that we bought her for her birthday in December - early you know. She told us stories, told us how everyone was back in Cincinnati and frankly, I was shocked to hear about her old friends in Reading. It was such a shock - so many kids gone astray. I'm just so glad that she's not caught up in any of that crap and mess.

Sunday was just a great day, we had a nice time at the Harbor. Ate fish & chips and sat by the harbor peering at the boats. It was very relaxing and lots of fun. We just hung out and told stories. I love my family.

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