Friday, May 05, 2006

trailer trash

Heavenly Thoughts

could I secretly be trailer trash? could my deep down desire be to live in a trailer? hey, after living in high priced apartments, crammed into Ken and Barbie's Dream House, I think it's starting to sound like a plan. And don't think that trailers are cheap in San Diego. Quite the contrary! There are some I've looked at that were in the mid $500K!!! Average around $250K and counting.

Now, the trailers are not the cheap part of this equation - it's ME! I don't know how long we'll live here, the housing market is "cooling" off here - it's just hard to say how "cool" it will get. It's just my luck that I finally break down, buy a house and BAM! the bottom drops out of the market. That would totally suck!

So, last weekend I started just checking out mobile homes. Double and Triple wides. Man, they are HUGE! some on canyon tops with a beautiful view, some are by lakes, many are close to my work and my daughter's college. So, what the heck. Seems that all signs are pointing to something in the $100k's. If I can find something near the beach, with a view, some yard and enough parking for 3 cars, then I'm in ;)

Then if things work out and we stay in San Diego, we can buy a house later, rent out the mobile home. Otherwise, sell it and move to Phoenix. or back to Cincinnati. Yep, that's the plan.

gotta love the plan, ya'll. isn't that trailer trash talk? ya'll???

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