Friday, May 05, 2006

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Away from home….

Yesterday and today I have been away from home. I’m in client meetings, helping to carve out a solution. It’s not going to be my project, however, I will be helping and leading the internal effort to be sure that we deliver. I oversee all of the project timelines watching for collisions and hopefully helping to avoid them.

Some of the advantages to working from a hotel are that I work longer; I tackle the problem in a shorter amount of time to prepare for day 2 of meetings; plus I get to socialize with folks from work that I would not do otherwise. You know, happy hour, dinner, sharing stories and so on. It’s a very important part melding a team. Then in the end when the effort is successful, the team has been involved from day one and that is reason to celebrate together!

The biggest disadvantage I feel is being away from home. I miss my honey so much. I worry about him when I’m not there. He has so many health issues and even though I know he can take care of himself – he’s been doing it for years without me – I still worry that something will happen and I won’t be there to help. I call him as often as I can. But I still miss him. Besides, we’re still so “new” (but “old”) that it’s even harder to be away. You know, we’re still on that honeymoon period and I hope it lasts for some time in the future!!

But, we wrap up today and I go home tonight. If I can’t get internet connection, I won’t even be able to post this until I get home, so probably by the time you read this, I’ll be home, safe and sound and cuddling with my honey. ;)

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