Sunday, August 28, 2005

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So much has happened in the last two weeks. I'll give you a high-level overview of what's been going on.

1. My house is on the market, posted the sign in the yard on 8/15. Haven't had too many people come through the house just yet, but with school getting ready to start, I understand how busy people are. Hopefully, it won't be too long. In the meantime, they have cut down all the pinoaks in the yard next door and are still cleaning it up. The yard next door is bare and now the house shows the wear and tear and all the work that needs to be done. Gutters, roof, chimney caps, yard, painting, wow! Sure is exposed now.

2. My job has gotten better. In fact, it a very cool gig. I'm busy now and have a pretty interesting project to work on. I'm learning about manufacturing and printing. It's a different industry than any I've worked in before, so I am learning alot. It's great, you know I totally love to learn new things at work. I'm glad that I'll be here long enough to deliver my part.

3. My romance is great. I just went out to see him 8/19 and stayed for the weekend. And as soon as I got home on the 23rd, he insisted that I come back out for Labor Day weekend. So, I'm heading back to California on 9/1 until 9/5! It will be great seeing him again. I can't wait until I'm there all the time, it will be very satisfying to be together. He already got our apartment. I is beautiful!! Vaulted ceilings, balcony in both the front and the back, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, wonderful kitchen, fireplace, garage, on a lake and a beautiful oak tree outside of the living room window and balcony!! We both fell in love with the place!!  Then, we went shopping for new furniture while I was out there. It was very fun shopping with him for something that will be ours. Amazing how all of this is coming together.

4. My son is going to head out to the Phillipines sometime later this year or next to do a mission trip. He wants to attend Bible College there and then help start a 24-hr prayer center. It's very dangerous, but if he really listens to God, he should be ok. As long as he doesn't mix in his own wants and desires with God's plan, God will protect him. I love him but I understand where he's coming from and honestly, I've expected this from him since he was born. I had my doubts for a while, but as he got older, I knew there was a calling on his life. I've just been waiting for the day. Well, I will just be strong and let him go. It's the right thing to do, to support him emotionally, in a loving manner, to educate him of the dangers and to rely on God for everything. I trust that even if it gets hard - I will lean on God for understanding of however it turns out.

5. My oldest daughter is definitely getting her shit together. She's in a great relationship and finally is getting some support from her partner's Mom. This is really important to me, since I'm leaving her behind. They are building a house in the suburbs and should be moving in by the holidays this year. They will have more responsibility than ever and I sincerely hope she shines!! She won't have me to lean on any more, so it's a good thing! Definitely a good thing!!

5. My youngest daughter is leaving for California on Sept 11th. She's flying out to Fresno to find out about jobs, school, begin her quest of residency, see what is going on with starting her life in California. She's going to stay in the apartment, have her car shipped to her so she can get around, find her way and make new friends and a new life. She's really excited and I just hope she will stay excited until I get there.

6. So, that will leave me home all alone. I don't remember a time when I lived all alone. I have always had a boyfriend, kids, friends, roommates or something. I just don't think I've every lived all alone. I have lived without any adult companionship and I have lived alone in the sense of not being in a relationship, but I've NEVER lived all alone day in and day out. That's kind of strange to imagine that I haven't. Even when I first moved out of my mom's house, I lived with my current sweetheart way back then, I lived with him for 3 years, then I moved out, got an apartment with a friend, roomed with her for a year, then into a relationship, had my daughter and have always had 'someone' living with me. Wow, I never thought about this before right now! Bizarre! So I am really looking forward to living alone for a while, even if it's a short while.

7. I had a birthday this past week - it was a big one! Quite the milestone!! Luckily, it was uneventful, it came and went and the world did not come to an end. I had lots of wonderful well wishes for my birthday and of course I had a great present from my sweetheart when he came out to Cincinnati earlier in the month!! But the best present of all was:
He bought me round trip tickets to come back out to California this weekend coming up - Labor Day Weekend. I'm going to leave this time on Thursday late afternoon, stay out there with him until Monday evening and take the red-eye home. I'll get there about 7:30pm which is earlier than the other flight that I have been taking, so that will give us a couple more hours together. That will be nice.

8. A new service that Blogger is offering is allowing me to update my blog from an email. So, I'm testing that today, see if it's working. I hope it does. It sure will make things easier because I can update my blog from my blackberry from anywhere, then I can write something every day!! Which is the idea, right!?!

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