Saturday, August 06, 2005

He's on his way

to spend a week with me!!

He called me this morning to let me know that he has been checked through on all of his flights and will be here around 5pm today. He tried to get on an earlier flight, but it was all booked. :( Oh well, it's ok, it would have saved him 3 hours and an extra connection. He really doesn't mind and neither do I. I have plenty to do before he gets here.

Today, I'm having a piece of carpet repaired by the front door and by the fireplace, if possible. The problem started when I got Thor. He sheds like most of the year, the only break I get from dog hair is in the dead of winter when he's packing it all on and then starting in January, he starts shedding and it doesn't stop until the first freeze!! Therefore, I vacuum ALOT! So it has caused the carpet to fray in 2 spots. Nothing bad, really minor. My realtor says it's an easy fix and my carpet guy thinks so too.

Then we are going to measure the basement for the possible installation of some carpet that Sherry brought me. I hope it will work, it will save time.

The rest of what I had planned for today is just cleaning the house in general so it looks ok when he gets here. My house has been torn apart for 3 weeks now, there have been boxes and stuff all over the place. Dog and cat hair in the mix and packing materials everywhere too. But, I have packed 24 boxes so far, most of them are small. I've gotten rid of everything else, cleaned out every closet, sorted through all of my personal belongings, and pitched a ton of stuff. I've donated gads and gads and have a car load to drop off today.

I'm totally excited about him coming to see my house. I'm kind of nervous, hoping he will like it. Of course, it isn't all here and many of my personal touches are gone. But he will get an idea of how we live by what's left.

I've rearranged my bedroom, made an office in my son's room, rearranged my family room furniture and think it's all coming together. So things are on track for the move.

Tomorrow, a bunch of my good good friends are coming over to help out with some cleaning: wash baseboards, walls, windows, blinds, move some furniture out, touch-up some spots of paint where pictures once hung. I have to paint the baseboards in the bathroom and the kitchen. Well, get it all done easily tomorrow. Maybe even able to start on the basement. In trade, I'm going to cook, make mimosas, and have everyone meet him! I hope that everyone sees how wonderful I think he is. I hope that he likes them as much as I do. It's all important.

Well, I've got some cleaning to do before the carpet guy gets here - so I'm off.

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