Friday, July 29, 2005

thanks to my friends...

its all coming together

I have boxes all over my house today, some are for the yard sale and some are for shipping. I am having a good time looking at all of my 'stuff' and purging the past. The memories invoked are enough, I don't need things to remind me of the good and bad times in my life. I am freeing myself and it's wonderful. I totally resisted at first, but as each day goes and I realize what I'm leaving and what I'm going to - it's a no-brainer! We are going to have a wonderful life, we are going to experience all new things together, and even the things that are old, when we do them together, they will be new.

I just can't say enough what a wonderful man is he and how totally blessed I am to have the second chance to be with him. I have spent my life freely giving my love to men that didn't return it the way I NEED IT. Not that they weren't capable of loving people, some of them were the nicest guys around. They just weren't what I needed. I tried to love them and I tried to accept them for who they are, it just wasn't enough for me. But he is my Romeo!! He is the one that I have loved my whole life. He set the bar for me of what a relationship should be. And now, I'm there and he's there, it's all in the timing!! And the time is perfect.

Well, I'm off to work and then in between put stuff outside. I am loving this purging ritual. It's refreshing! Last night my son and I were sorting through our stuff. He looked at me and we both laughed at all the stuff we've kept over the years, totally ridiculous stuff, but we pack ratted it away. While we were sorting, he said, you know what Mom? We have all this stuff that we've kept over the years. It's cool to look at it and remember, but we both know that in our lives we should collect relationships and not stuff and you have taught us how to do that too. And I want to thank you!

Wow! that's deep and SO true. So I want to thank everyone that reads this and are my friends. You are the reason that I have survived over the years. Not because of the stuff!!

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