Friday, July 15, 2005

California Bound for...

the weekend!

I'm really excited, tomorrow afternoon I will leave for another trip to California to visit my man. I'm so glad that we are dating and going to get married. Yes, in case you haven't heard, we're getting married after I get moved out there.

Today, he signed his papers that agree to keep him at his current assignment, so we will be living in the greater Fresno area. Now I NEED A JOB!! I've sent my resume out to a few people that I know, I have to keep asking people so I can get more connections out there. It's too bad that I have to move, but I love him and I am going. I missed out early on and we have been 'making the best of a bad situation' for all these years. NO MORE!!

I took all my pictures off the walls today, cleaned out part of another closet and will finish it the beginning of next week. My best friend is bringing me some boxes and my new approach is to box up what I want, ship those and then sell everything else. So stay tuned, I will have quite a lot of things out on eBay!!

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