Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another day another chance to knit

I'm home from work and ready to knit. I do have a few things to do first, like catch up on the day's news events, read a few emails and create a post. Then it's off to knit.

Michelle and Abi are leaving tomorrow. It's been a great 2 weeks and even though we aren't done visiting with them, I know that Jake will appreciate seeing them. I'll post some pictures of their visit after they're gone.

Monday's my birthday and I already got a present from my best friend!! Here's what I got:

I'm so excited!! I got handpainted wool yarn, 1 pr of needles and the instruction book to knit my first pair of sock!! I am NOT quite there in skill level yet, but I'm plugging away to get better and better all the time. This is a GREAT present from one CRAZY knitter to another!! THANKS BECKY!!!

I just bought a booklet with knit stitches and patterns and a book called Stitch 'N Bitch, the Knitter's Handbook. Debbie Stoller is the author and she is HILARIOUS!! The book and site are full of excellent knitting (and crocheting - see the Happy Hooker for crocheting info and patterns!!) information in such a real way. She is very entertaining and easy to learn from.

Well, I'm off to get my knit on!! I'm finishing up my first project, then will start a baby afghan in the booklet, project #5 called Baby Afghan.

"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

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Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from the yarn is a bottle of wine - lol. I think we should take our knitting to the next wine event! Maybe I should not take the Rose of England though... might not look much like a rose after a couple of glasses of wine.