Friday, January 04, 2008


How does snow and 20 mph winds and 8 degrees F (wind chill –12 degrees) grab ya? Brrrrr! It’s cold!

Poor little Snicker didn’t know what to think this morning. He went out when we first got up and just stood on the porch not wanting to venture down into the snow and wind. But I shut the door and he didn’t have a choice. He got down into the snow (a couple of inches at our house) and ran around it in, every once in a while stepping into a deep spot, finally found a suitable spot for his business, then ran back into the house. He was COLD when he came back in – his poor ears were frozen and he was only out there for a few minutes.

The thing that always gets me about Cincinnati is the traffic when it snows (and sometimes rains). I mean, people act like they have never seen snow and never driven in it. They crawl along even if the roads are ok. In fact, the roads were ok by the time we left and the traffic was still crawling. It took me a little longer than normal to get to work because we didn’t get on the Interstate. They were parking lots for miles and miles. Luckily, I can get to work on surface streets.

It’s cold at work. I need a heater! I am sitting next to some office space reconstruction. The workers are yakking, the heat doesn’t stay in this part of the building. I still have on my wool hat!! Could use gloves if I could type with them on, I would. Besides being cold, the construction workers are annoying. The foreman or supervisor (whatever he is) talks non-stop about politics, Iraq, George Bush, immigration and his views are ultra-liberal so he’s driving me crazy. He is advocating that Pres Bush should be tried in a global court for ‘crimes against humanity’. Believes that the Bush’s and the Bin Laden’s are good pals and their families talk all the time. Says that “terrorism” is just a distraction for the real reason we’re in Iraq – OIL.

You know the type; you hear them. I just don’t want to hear them while I’m trying to work without turning into an ice cube!! I know he totally believes what he’s saying. I don’t care to express an opinion right now, but I do know that he is at work to work, so he should just do that – work!

Happy New Year!

"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

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