Monday, May 16, 2005

PMP Exam


I'm going to finish this time. I am going to make the time to study, take a practice exam and pass this test. I am going to have my PMP certification very soon. It's really important and I really do have time to do it now.

It's great, I have deligated back to the PMs their parts of the projects instead of me doing their work and that has really decreased my work load. I can actually have time to work with my cilents properly and read my emails, organize my work week and try to stay caught up. Although, I've been in training the end of last week, so I do have a stack of emails to read.

But, I'll get it done!! "GIT - R- DONE"!! That saying drives me crazy, but this time it's appropriate - Thanks, Larry the Cable Guy :)

Guitarman is here, so I'm going to read emails with him. Don't know how much actual work I will get done, but it is 6pm, so I should be doing something for myself -- tomorrow's another day at work!! As long as I work hard and try to get everything done, it will come together.

Take care and be happy in love!

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Shawn T. Futterer, PMP said...


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