Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Getting Settled In

Hard to believe - I mean everytime I drive down the street, I am amazed that I am in familiar settings. We're back in Cincinnati - permanently. It's totally awesome. We had Christmas in town with our family and friends in our new house.

The house - well, what do they say about the "best laid plans"? It's so true. Everything was set for closing on 12/14. I was just waiting for the dollar amount to get it from the bank, tick tock, God I was a wreck waiting. Then at 3:30 in the afternoon the call came and it was a disappointing phone call. The bank reviewed the appraisal at the last minute, compared it to the surrounding houses that sold and decided the house was over-priced and pulled the financing. So, literally 2 hrs before the closing it was all over, cancelled, NO HOUSE!


The movers had already picked up our belongings, my job had already started, my daughter already had roommates to take our place in the townhome we lived in, mail was already being delivered to the new place (by accident) and here we were - no house at the last minute - and we have to come, no choice. The wheels were in motion.

So, once we got over the shock of the house - we ventured off to come to Cincinnati. We started out on Sat, 12/15 and drove for 2 days, then stopped in Austin to take a day off, visit with some friends, and just relax. Get out of the car, let the dog run and play in the backyard. What a great day! We loved every minute of it, visiting. Then back on the road - drove to Cincinnati arriving here around 7pm on Wednesday 12/19.

Worked on Thursday, closed on the house that night and the furniture arrived in the morning! What a trip! Everything down to the wire.

I'll write more later and post some of our funny pics taken on the trip.

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