Monday, October 22, 2007

More on the San Diego Fires

Disaster Area! Smokey, bad air to breath. Some areas no electric. Some with no natural gas. Animals trapped, houses destroyed, highways closed, schools closed, evacuations to schools, churches, community centers; fires consuming neighborhoods, big beautiful houses with gorgeous views, expensive. Trees, bushes, grass, everything is dry. Easy to catch on fire. So Sad!

Now Solano Beach has to be evacuated and that goes all the way to the coast! Imagine that! The coast!! No one thought it would ever go that far.

Looters are out, police are arresting people, it's CRAZY!

My neighborhood is safe so far. But I'm ready to leave if told to go. Some areas were only given a 2 minute warning to leave. The only thing I have to do is throw the dog food into the bag, grab our laundry basket from upstairs and pull the car out, grabbing a couple more boxes of pictures.

I pray, I pray. Please pray

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