Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Walking Snicker

This morning was the first time in 2 1/2 weeks of working that I felt guilty leaving the house. The morning went better than I had expected. I got ready for work in record time, had my lunch packed, coffee poured and the game plan was to take the dog for a walk before work- at least 30 minutes if I could squeeze it in. I tried, I think we got 20 or 25 minutes in - I walked him to the library and let him run in his favorite spots - the ground cover that he LEAPS through. I have to admit, I LOVE watching him leap through it! But it was a stressful walk - he was pulling, I was stressed, had to keep watching the time. I don't think it accomplished what I wanted. I kept reminding myself - CALM ASSERTIVE - but it wasn't working, it was more like STRESSED ASSERTIVE - not a good energy to share with the dog.

So, when we got back to the house, I had everything ready to go. My lunch was packed, the dog's food was ready, his treats were already outside and all I had to do was take him out. He didn't want to go out, he just got in and wanted to stay in. When I leave in the morning, I leave him in the backyard. The girls let him in when they get up. And then when they leave, they put him back out. He doesn't behave well in the house just yet and I am learning it's because he has too much energy. I've been reading and watching Cesar Millan's books and TV show, The Dog Whisperer. Everything comes down to some basic rules: EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE AND THEN AFFECTION and communication is based on NOSE, EYES AND THEN EARS. So our words mean NOTHING but our actions mean EVERYTHING!!

Everyday I will keep trying - I will keep trying to be the pack leader - 24x7 - CALM ASSERTIVE. I'm not that good at the calm part and maybe not that good at the assertive part. When I took my dog to see Leonard, he instructed me that I have to get myself in that state of mind first, then the dog will follow. So I can get this through meditation or yoga. I have never been able to meditate in my life, but I think I will have to try. OY! HELP! IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCED AT MEDITATION, PLEASE WRITE TO ME! I NEED HELP WITH THIS!!
Right now, I would say he is "better in the house" than on a walk, which tells me that he still doesn't respect me or see me as the pack leader. I instill consistent discipline in my house for him and all members of my household uphold it. So, we have followed the instruction of Leonard, I have put into practice the things that I have read and seen on the TV show. And I do see a difference in my dog. We both have a way to go, but that's what today is. The here and now.

As for my guilt from this morning, I will just try to do something better for him tomorrow morning. Afterall, it was the first time that I heard him whine while I was locking the doors and bark as I walked down the driveway. If it means getting up a little earlier, so be it. It won't hurt me to get a walk in before work, it will clear my head, get my blood pumping, prepare me for a mentally challenging day on my new challenging job. Besides, today was the first time I walked him in the morning and plan to walk him after work just like every other day. Maybe tonight I'll take him an extra long walk - as long as my foot can stand it! It will help him sleep better and me too!!

As an additional note - I came home from work and took him for a walk - he was HAPPY!! He ran and played while we were walking. So all's well that ends well. Besides, my honey ended up coming home early today because he was not feeling well. So it really ended well today.
"No one travelling on a business trip would be missed if he failed to arrive."
--- Thorstein Veblen

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diogenes said...

But where are you ;-) I miss having you around. Is work making you busy?