Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's been a while

Thanks to all of my friends at MyBlogLog who checked on me to see how my job search was going. All I can say is that "IT'S GOING". I did get an offer, but it was a little low for my experience level, so I am still looking around. I've had lots of phone "screenings", then pretty many second interviews on the phone, then 4 companies that invited me for face-to-face interviews (so far), already been to 2 of them, have one today and one tomorrow, and got an offer from one. So, I guess I'm doing pretty good. Afterall, it is a process.

The thing is it is taxing. It takes alot of energy, time and positiveness to keep on the search. I can't give up because I need a job. Everyone is asking me if I am enjoying my time off and frankly, I'm not. I'd rather be fighting traffic, complaining about long commutes (it is Southern California ya know) and going to work dealing with issues and problems, than to be home searching jobs, cleaning, cooking, laundry, aaaagghh!!

I did move into my townhome a couple of months ago and I still had a few things to unpack and setup and/or decorate. I have taken a little time to do that and even today, I'm going to start setting up my stereo. Need my music for my sun room and my upstairs. I spend most of my time in my office, so music maestro PLEASE!!

The BEST part is being able to spend time with Snicker. He is learning sooooo much. We've been going to positive training (clicker-type) and it's been really good. He can 'watch me', 'sit', 'down', 'take it', 'leave it', 'drop it' (sometimes), 'stay' (kind of), 'come' (most of the time), learning loose leash walking with sits and watch me's while walking. I have been taking him everywhere I can - he's fun to take places because he's so cute.
He is pretty good MOST of the time.....

Then it happens..........the transformation from good BOY to HOLY TERROR!!! (Remember, he was a rescue, he's about 1 yr old and has some bad habits that I'm trying to break) He BITES at us and nips us to get us to play with him, but he doesn't just want to play, he wants to play rough. He includes biting as part of the play, he jumps up on us, bites, if we stand and turn (to ignore him) then he bites our heels or the backs of our legs. I have tried everything the trainer suggested, I have tried everything I see online by the 'experts'. But nothing seems to work. We aren't giving up, but it's taxing. Could use some advice is anyone out there reading this is an expert or has overcome this with their dog. He is fixed, only about a month now, so I know that will help at some point.

"Women are like teabags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!"
--- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Hey Heaven,

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