Sunday, April 15, 2012


We are going to see Titanic in the movie theater today. I've only seen it on TV and I'm sure it will be totally different with the theater experience. I remember my Mom and Aunts talking about the tragedy of the Titanic.

My mom wasn't born yet, but she wasn't too far behind it. The Titanic met its fate 100 years ago yesterday, 4/14/1912. My Mom was born in 1916, so as she grew up, people were still talking about it. She recalled the stories that people told, the grandeur of the vessel, the people that made the voyage, the rich and poor, ending in such sadness. It affected that generation much in the same way that "4 Dead in Ohio" affected us. It left it's mark and James Cameron captured it in this epic tale.

I'm taking tissues with me today..............

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