Monday, July 04, 2011

Double Arthroscopy

Surgery was almost 3 weeks ago. The first week was a week of figuring out how to get around on one leg, with the help of my knee roller. I was pretty crabby at first, I tried not to be, but I think part of it was the pain medication. I've learned to get up from a variety of seating on one foot, keeping my balance and not putting my cast on the ground. Recovery is 3 months - non weight bearing......only 9 weeks to go!!!  (yikes)

I've been to the Dr's office 2 times now. Xrays both times, pink cast first time, yellow cast second time, seen the Dr. and he's been very positive about the amount of correction and the healing process. He's going to do a quick procedure in a few weeks to tweak how my toes will hit the ground. He just wants to be sure everything is lined up correctly when I walk later.

Going back to work tomorrow. Hope that works out. Hubby has to drive me everywhere we go, hope his health stays good!!!

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