Monday, June 14, 2010

Life & Death

The last 2 weeks have been quite a ride of emotion and life events. It started with my husband in the hospital. He's got a terminal disease, PKD - polycystic kidney disease. And even though it's our reality with dialysis, a huge regimen of drugs, we don't really think about death on a daily basis. Or at least we don't talk about it. But when he was in the hospital our mortality was in my face and I'm really not ready for it.

But since then, I've been to a baby shower - such a blessed celebration of life! Then to a wedding of a dear, old friend. Another wonderful celebration with family and friends! Both events were lively and fun, filled with laughter and love.

Our lovely Lyrikah had her first swim in our backyard pool. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in the garden, digging in the dirt is so therapeutic - but I got stung by some unknown assailant in my flower bed - enough that I actually had to go to the Dr! 

My ex-husband and I have actually figured out how to have a "friendly" relationship and our kids are overjoyed! I really have to thank Beka for reminding me how much she loves him even with all his flaws. As a result my house is getting a facelift and paint will be going on the walls starting today!!

A friend of mine's daughter, Shelly, is exactly the same age as Jake, 25, born the same day. Shelly's daughter, Melanie, was 6 years old and died in March due to cancer. Shelly had such a hard way to go herself, because I have learned she too, has cancer. Things escalated and she had to have surgery last Thursday. They removed the tumor, think they have it all and now will face chemo and radiation treatments. The prognosis is hopeful.

After all of those events, the final curtain has fallen on 2 people that I know. My friend, Steve's dad, Al. He was elderly, lived a nice long life and died in his sleep. Very restful way to go. He had some health issues, but refused treatment because he was ready to go and wanted to go at home. Blessings to his family - the funeral is this Thursday night.

But the shocker of the week - my friend Jeff who painted my house in Reading when I was moving to California. Jeff was a great gardener, my inspiration for learning organic gardening. He knew everything about growing anything. He was only 48 years old. The sad part for Jeff is he was an alcoholic, druggie guy. We all loved him anyway, because we didn't have to deal with the aftermath of his addictions. But his Mother will have to bury him and Jeff didn't have anything. So, this will be a sad sad day coming up.

2 little weeks in the life ... and see how many things have happened!  It's a constant reminder of how precious life is. Love, laugh and live!!!  It's gone in a blink.
"...And in the end... The love you take is equal to the love you make." ---The Beatles
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