Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Year In Review

We've been living back in Cincinnati for a year now. Bought our house on 12/19, moved in the same day!! What a wonderful year it's been.

Jake and Michelle lived with us for about 7 months. In September, they moved to Kansas City, MO. They love it!! I'm so glad they are happy. Michelle is pregnant and expecting in March. Even more exciting!! A Grandchild in March! Awesome!

Tamara stayed behind in San Diego. It was hard to leave her, but I knew she loved living in San Diego so much, so off we went. She got a couple of roommates, has had a wonderful year working, hanging out with her friends and even fell in love. Her boyfriend is a really nice guy, is in the Navy and this last October was transferred to Rota, Spain. They have been missing each other so much that she is planning a trip to Spain in February! Maybe wedding bells are in her future.....!!

Beka moved back to Cincinnati 3 months before us. She ended up living with her dad, then her oldest brother and today is apartment hunting, ready to live on her own. She has taken some time off from school - but has had a year of growing, learning and experiencing life as a 21 year old. 

During the year, of course we've had Snicker living with us, direct from California. But later this year, we adopted Charlie. Charlie is a dachshund and has fit in really well in our family. So now, it's just the 2 of us and the 2 dogs living here.

We've thoroughly enjoyed the yard, our nice lifestyle, quiet and peaceful. We started going to Loveland United Methodist Church in October. His sister and brother-in-law attend church there, so we thought we'd give it a try. Well, turns out we really like it. We've volunteered to help out at the Turkey Dinner, bake sale, attended the Living Nativity, which I highly recommend to everyone to see. I'm going to help with the video equipment during one of the services and he's going to start playing in the Praise Band. I'm very proud of him and happy that he likes it so much.

We've decorated the house for Christmas, inside and out. We have a beautiful tree and all of our lovely decorations. I am really happy to see all the presents under the tree, all the surprises that are held there.

One thing that is different living here. We haven't spend as much time with my friends as I would have liked. Partly because we're really busy, between my working full time and doing some volunteer activities, and his dialysis treatments 3 times a week, we're not always feeling social. I could go by myself, but I really don't want to go without him. I don't mind doing things alone, but I would prefer to be with him, especially after not being with him for 30+ years.

Work is going really well. My project took a change of direction when we were entering the development cycle. We thought that we would hand off the requirements and receive status, questions and provide answers and approvals. However, that changed in an instance and suddenly we were doing Agile Method. Daily activity and involvement is required. I even became a Certified Scrum Master in July. In November, at my annual review, I received my promotion! Hard work paid off all the way around. Delivered a great project on 11/25, nearly a year to the day of starting on it. I'm really proud of the accomplishments of my team, including all the challenges and successes!

So, as we end 2008, we have so much to give thanks for:
Happy, healthy kids
Solid, Happy, Loving relationship, a true partnership. We really do help each other (even when he's a jerk !! hehe!)
Perky little dogs that love running around here.
Great old friends and new friends 
Good career, part of a company that is amazing

Goals for next year:
1. study for pmp - take the test in the April timeframe
2. wrap up my current project and move onto another challenge
3. take a trip to Florida in February
4. put in a big vegetable garden in the spring

Those things will keep us busy!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

Thanks for reading my Heavenly Thoughts

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