Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Final Prep for Christmas

After work today, I'm going to start my final food preparation for Christmas Eve dinner. We have a Honey Baked Ham and a Honey Baked Turkey Breast (1st time for the turkey). Having both mashed & sweet potatoes, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, salad, applesauce, hawaiian rolls and carrot cake for dessert. Plus, some treats to snack on.

I'm making my grandmother's recipe for ham salad and will be gifting some of it to my friends. It's always a big hit and I haven't made it in 4 years! Hope I don't forget how!! (see yesterday's post about my memory - hehe!)

Making the dressing for the big family gathering on Christmas day. Will do the prep for it tomorrow, while I'm baking my cake.

Everything else is done - maybe a little swiffer action through the house to clean up!! I'm really looking forward to Christmas eve, Christmas day and even the day after, having another couple over for dinner to celebrate the season.

In case I don't write again, Merry Christmas to everyone!!

"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

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